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Flight Deck

Here’s a cheap way of making “Mini Flight Decks”.
A board that you can securely fit a HT radio to that makes it easy to keep a log of your contacts when operating outdoors, either standing or sitting with it on your knee.

It works with just the basic HT radio with a standard belt clip, with the radio and a battery saver back on it, with a fist mic too (either on the top, or on the side).

It has log book pages held in place with shock cord so they don’t blow away in the wind, and a place to keep your pen.

It is right handed in the photographs, but a left handed operator can just turn it over and use the other side (after re-tying the shock cords). As with many of my projects, I use what I have to hand. In this case thin, very cheap kitchen cutting boards, but hardboard or even stiff cardboard works too, but is not as durable.

To make it, just measure the length of the belt clip in your radio, then measure the width of the clip. Cut a slot by drilling a couple of holes at the corners then carefully cut the straight bits out with a jigsaw, using the holes to turn the tight bend. The bottom hole is cut the same way and is there for the bottom of the belt clip to sit in securely so it doesn’t slip off when you move it around.

The paperwork is self printed log sheets that can be used for field operations then the data transferred to a proper log book, or electronic logging system when you get back home.
Again, drill small holes just outside the edges of your particular sheets of paper size. I use A5 for these, but you may use something else. Just drill the holes to suit your own circumstances.
Shock cord can be bought from most camping stores by the yard or meter and is the kind used inside thin springy tent poles to keep the bits together.

That’s it for this simple blog entry, but it makes life easier if you subject your QRP operations to windy conditions.

Eric G1SLP