I’m just trying an experiment here, although it’s been done before by Dave Cuthbert WX7G.
It’s a full wavelength quad loop, folded and bent so it takes up very little space. Here’s my initial drawing with cut sizes.
If I measured this correctly, I should get away with one 2m long length of copper pipe (15mm).  That doesn’t cost much.  Plus a trade pack of 90 degree bends (much cheaper to buy a bag of 25 if you do a lot of antenna construction – or make manpacks).

I’ll build this fairly soon and update with performance report and photographs.

3DFL dwg

Just worked out the sizes for 10m and 20m bands using the same design.
A) 56"
B) 27.8"
C) 35"
D+E) 25"

A) 112"
B) 55.75"
C) 70"
D+E) 50"

The 20m version would probably work better if made from wire with a couple of X shaped cross pieces top and bottom, then hung from a high branch.