The recent Amateur QRP Radio (AQR) event was a success, and we have decided there will be more of them. We have plans for two big weekend events and also plans for regional and national events too as well as worldwide events. All are still in the development pipeline.

One thing is definite though. Your unique participation number. It’s yours forever. So, we have automated the registration system so new members can get their participation number any time they like. They will be instantly informed of their number by email.

Then they can join in on any of the events and confirm member to member QSO’s with their number as part of the exchange. If you want to participate in Amateur QRP Radio events, you will need an AQR number. Getting your number is easy.

Just fill in the form below and we’ll send you your number via email instantly. Please ensure you fill out the form correctly and enter your email address correctly since otherwise you will not receive your number.

Not sure if you already have an AQR number or didn’t receive our email. No problem, you can see the entire listing of AQR numbers here. Complete listing of all members

Any queries or problems? Please let us know.

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