To participate in our events as a member of this group, you will definitely want a unique participation number.  This number, when used after your callsign during initial QSO’s will identify you to other members.  One advantage of having a number is that you will qualify to recieve a participation certificate on the events where these are awarded.
Of course, you don’t need a number to play radio, but having one will be advantageous when working other QRP stations.
Here’s a sample of the certificates we award.

aqr certificate blank

We have introduced an automatic numbering system.  You can find it in the drop down menu under this tab. Filling out a simple form will generate your unique number linked to your callsign (You MUST have a valid amateur radio licence to get a number).  Your number is yours for life, so once you’ve got it, remember it.  It will be instantly sent to the email address you provide.  Check your spam folder if it doesn’t show.  You can also see the complete list of members and their numbers via the bottom tab.