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Doing more with less. QRP.

Amateur QRP Radio is here for any and all licenced amateur radio operators who practice, or are interested in low power operating (QRP).
Until the bands improve (might be a while), working with just 5w can be a real challenge.  That’s half the fun of course, and it takes a lot of knowledge and skill to get that signal heard.  So while we work away at getting every milliwatt through our antenna, a little help in knowing where other QRP operators are hanging out on the bands isn’t to be sniffed at.


There will be events announced on here so we all know the when and where, suggested frequencies of where to start calling, or searching, and personal identifiers so we know when we are working a fellow group member.
Amateur QRP Radio started as a group on Facebook and has gone from strength to strength. We now have two Facebook groups, “Amateur QRP Radio” and “AQR Events and Skeds“.
The main facebook page is for general QRP social networking, questions and answers and just regular Facebooky stuff.  The Events and Skeds page is where events are also anounced and where members can post where and when they are operating.  It’s a kind of spotting option. You need to join the main group first, then you’ll get an invitation to join the sub group.


Have a look.  Join up to both Facebook pages. In the meantime, have a look at what’s offered here.  There will be more stuff added all the time, so keep coming back.
If you need to contact an admin, leave a message via the “Get in touch” tab at the top of the page.
Have fun,
If you like operating QRP outdoors, in the field (or mountain top, or park, or back yard) then our friends at Field Radio might be of interest too.  We invite them to our events and they invite us to theirs.

72/73  de G1SLP
Eric. (Website admin).